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  • LOL Surprise 3d butterfly stickers or hair clips. LOL Doll kids bedroom decor, LOL Surprise kids decorations


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    *6 3D LOL butterflies *

    Set of 6, 3d sticker butterflies measuring roughly 10cm in width, each with a different image, as per the pictures

    *Each butterfly is hand cut, sealed with varnish and then finished with a crystal for an added sparkle! *

    *Ideal for any LOL fan*

    The 3d butterfly stickers can be placed anywhere, on walls, furniture, photo frames, ceilings, bathroom tiles, TVs, mirrors, candles, glasses, lamp shades, vases, windows, doors, in the car the list goes on and on !!!
    The 3d butterfly stickers are easy to apply to all surfaces. They come with sticky dots for easy application, just peel off the backing on the adhesive dot, fold up the butterflies wings to the desired angle, and stick them.

    If you would like a different size, quantity, or them personalized, just let me know, thank you. flutterframes@aol.com

    Butterflies are a symbol of new beginnings, as well as love and joy. They make a perfect gift for that special occasion