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  • Futterframes's Amazing butterfly collection. As seen in Escape to the Chateau butterfly wall stickersr


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    Flutterframes's grand collection of realistic looking butterflies, as inspired by the TV program, Escape to the Chateau.

    This listing is a mix of 50 different spices and colours to enable you to make an incredible display

    The butterflies sizes range from approximately are roughly 3- 4" All my butterflies are hand cut using very fine scissors, to give the perfect edge.

    They are all sealed with varnish, so they are suitable for inside or outside They can be stuck in any pattern you like, maybe around a picture, on a plain wall, on a window ect.. Bring your home to life with these simply, beautiful, realistic looking butterflies. Perfect addition to any room

    The butterflies are transparent and therefore offers the appearance, of fragile colourful, soft wings, that are so realistic. The butterflies are easy to apply to all surfaces.

    They come with sticky dotes for easy application, just peel off the backing on the adhesive dot, fold up the butterflies wings to the desired angle, and stick them. Butterflies are a symbol of new beginnings, as well as love and joy.

    They make a perfect gift for that special occasion These butterflies can be placed anywhere, on walls, furniture, photo frames, ceilings, bathroom tiles, TVs, mirrors, candles, glasses, lamp shades, vases, windows, doors, in the car the list goes on and on !!! They are great for special occasions, such as: Weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, births, baby showers, new home...

    Wherever you decide to stick them, they make a impressive display.