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  • Butterfly Taxidermy, Butterfly in Frame Entomology Gift -Red lacewing, Sky blue, Emerald Swallowtail and Madagascar Butterfly Frame set of 4


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    Realistic,artificial butterflies mounted in a box frame

    The 4 butterflies are: Anaaea Cyanea (Blue Sky), Cethosia Biblis (Red Lacewing), Hypolimnas Diadem (Madagascar) and Papilio Palinurus (Emerald Swallowtail)

    4 beautiful butterflies handmade mounted in a wooden frame. The Latin and common names are printed underneath the specimen.

    The butterflies's wingspans reaches 6.5 - 7 centimetres (2.55 - 2.7 in).

    Uniquely designed and lovingly made hand-crafted artwork.

    This item comes in a black or white deep frame, dimensions are:
    Height: 5.4 inches
    Width: 5.4 inches
    Depth: 1.3 inches

    The frame is ready to hang, or can be free standing

    Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information

    Can be personalised

    Can made with other butterflies of your choice

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